Exactly how Sonia Friedman Became more Powerful Lady in Theatre

Exactly how Sonia Friedman Became more Powerful Lady in Theatre

Pet tasks Friedman, with bichon frises Teddy and pal, outside London’s residence Theatre. The line coat, shirt, and jeans. Tresses: Shon; Cosmetics: Hiromi Ueda Photographed by Anton Corbijn, Vogue, June 2017

It’s a warm springtime nights in London’s western conclusion. Dodging visitors and enthusiastic theater­goers, Sonia Friedman is trying to check out the casts of at least certain has she is producing before curtains rise in 90 minutes.

“Wait, i would like a cigarette—who’s got a light? Have you got lighting?” she requires looking around. Gladly, a close Spanish-speaking visitor do, and, cig illuminated and conducted between clenched teeth, we’re down again.

And even though she flew within this day on a red-eye from nyc, Friedman was energetic and bright-eyed, energized performing exactly what she really loves more. She’s got come making preparations the Broadway move in 2018 in the mammoth two-part show, Harry Potter together with Cursed son or daughter, about (and I’m tiptoeing around spoilers here) the person Harry experiencing fatherhood. She’s been supervising the rehearsals of her dazzlingly clever production of 1984, an adaptation of George Orwell’s all-too-relevant book that opens up on Broadway this month, starring Reed Birney, Tom Sturridge, and Olivia Wilde. (your don’t become one of the greatest producers in the field by failing to identify the Zeitgeist.)

“Bit of a headache, really, as Tom’s visa didn’t generate. We finished up getting your a duplicate passport—all most purpose: difficult!” she says, chuckling. Continue reading “Exactly how Sonia Friedman Became more Powerful Lady in Theatre”