8. Does Jehovah ignore those people that once supported him? Explain.

8. Does Jehovah ignore those people that once supported him? Explain.

8 Jehovah does not skip people who once served your but that have briefly ended associating with his someone; nor do he disregard the work they performed within his service. (Heb. 6:10) The prophet Isaiah tape-recorded an attractive example showing just how Jehovah cares for his men. “Like a shepherd he will maintain their group,” Isaiah blogged. “With his supply he will probably collect along the lambs, plus their bosom he will probably hold them.” (Isa. 40:11) How does the truly amazing Shepherd become when one of his true sheep strays from group? Jesus shared Jehovah’s thinking as he questioned his disciples: “What do you would imagine? If a guy have 100 sheep and one of those strays, will he maybe not set the 99 on hills and set from a search when it comes down to one that’s straying? Assuming he locates it, We undoubtedly inform you, he rejoices more over they than during the 99 with not strayed.”?—Matt. 18:12, 13.

9. just how did close shepherds in Bible occasions address their sheep? (discover cover visualize.)

9 exactly why is it appropriate to liken Jehovah to a shepherd? Because good shepherd in Bible era cared seriously about their sheep. David, for instance, battled a lion and a bear to safeguard his group. (1 Sam. 17:34, 35) a beneficial shepherd would certainly observe if even one sheep moved missing out on. (John 10:3, 14) that sort of shepherd would put his 99 sheep in the security of a pen or even in the care of fellow shepherds and shop around for all the missing out on one. Jesus made use of that example to show united states an essential truth: “It just isn’t an appealing thing to my dad that is in heaven even for one of these simple children to perish.”?—Matt. 18:14.

A shepherd in ancient Israel cares for a sheep that was shed (See section 9)


10. Per Ezekiel 34:11-16, exactly what performed Jehovah pledge accomplish for his missing sheep? Continue reading “8. Does Jehovah ignore those people that once supported him? Explain.”