Hailing from Teresina Brasil,Chef Shamia began her culinary journey as fixture in the busting kitchens of her mother, Maria de Jesus and grandmother Anesia.There she learned the fine art of cooking from the heart. She watched  as each item prepared with reverent skill,deep regard for the item, and the love for its intended recipient birthed in her respect for the shared meal. This pride in preparation, appreciation for hard word and the overarching principle of lifting the mood in the room by the food, makes her special touch one that has been recognized in every establishment she has been in and a part of.

Chef Shamia’s fervent wish is to share the joy she receive from her roots in faraway Brazil, her training at Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts and the mentoring she has received from of the Northeast best chefs, caterers and bakers. She offers this with her purest intentions to make your choice of The Aipyn Catering the easiest and best decision